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Freedompop as we knew it is no more. The Sprint customers have been sold to Ting and the GSM customers have been sold to Red Pocket. As Ting puts it:

“Upon migration, these subscribers will have the option to accept the Ting offering or cancel or port their service elsewhere.”

​”The number of subscribers opting to continue their service with Ting will depend, in large part, on the percentage of the approximately 100,000 STS Media customers on free service plans who elect to move to paid plans under the current Ting service plan offerings.”


No more free service. Some people have already reported being auto moved to paid plans from their free plans with no notification. Deal with your FP accounts now before getting a surprise bill.

​​”Prepaid wireless provider STS Media said on Friday it has agreed to sell its FreedomPop brand to Red Pocket Mobile”…SKCN1T810T

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