DEWALT Heat Gun with LCD Display (D26960) – $48.59



I know.
The Moto Z4 is not a top of the line phone.
But for $120 it CANNOT be beat.
and for all of those like me who are locked into and loving the moto mods, then it is probably the last phone to support moto mods.

Previously this deal only available to new lines / new customers.
Today only available for UPGRADE customers also.

$20.83 / month – $15.83 / month promo credit x 24 month = $120
also requires $20 activation (instead of $40)

Certainly the biggest downside is it locks you into VZW for 24 months.
I previously used this deal for my Moto Z3 without issue.

I just purchased one of each color for me and my wife.
My moto Z3 will be going to my kids.

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